How to Start Your Online Business The Smart Way

Ready to change your life and make 2017 the year where ALL THE THINGS happen? Are you ready to start your online business?

How long have you been wanting to start? Weeks? Months? Gosh, please don’t say years?

Well, however long it has been, it’s time to make it happen. And, you’ve just stumbled across THE perfect opportunity.

I know that it can feel totally overwhelming when you’re trying to work out where to start. I’ve been there. And, I am going to tell you what no one else will. You can stuff it up, you can make wrong choices and end up working 24/7 for nothing. 95% of all businesses fail.

Sorta sucks doesn’t it?

But here is how to ensure you don’t end up down that road.

Learn how to work smarter, not harder.

Apply highly automated income streams so you can work ‘on’ the business, rather than ‘in’ the business.

Follow a strategy from someone who has actually created a successful business.

Get ongoing support and guidance.

Wondering how the hell to do all that?

The answer is simple.

Start it here, with us.

Business Jump will introduce you to a smarter kind of business model. We don’t do the sell-a-product-e-commerce model, where you have to order and pay for them up front, store them at your house, spend countless hours doing inventory and dispatching, taking you away from growing your business.

Instead, we’ll not only set up your whole business but we’ll give you access to our online Mastermind and Coaching program so you’ll have people behind you cheering you on as you create an online business that affords you a life of freedom and profit.

Our businesses use a highly automated and profitable income module via utilizing the power of an online directory matched with a subscription income stream which allows for predictable, recurring monthly income.

So, what this means is instead of selling a physical product you’ll be focused on adding products suited to your niche, but instead of selling them and making a profit, the vendor pays you a monthly fee to have the product listed on your website. Your job is to simply grow your audience to get eyes on the products and click-throughs to the vendors website. Sorta like Etsy and eBay.

Interested? Here are our latest businesses, but be quick because the will go fast!

Flay lay Collections

About The Business: Flat Lay Directory (Name to be decided)

If you are a lover of all pretty images then this business is for you! Use this business as a profitable excuse to look at gorgeous flat lays all day long. Collate a collection of beautifully put together flat lays for fellow business owners and bloggers who will be thanking you for putting them all in the one spot for easy download! We all know that time is at a premium for business mums so they will be thanking you for taking the hard work out of searching the internet for that perfect image!


Healthy Snacks For Kids {Business yet to be named}

About The Business: Healthy Snacks For Kids {Business yet to be named}

Do you have a passion for feeding your family healthy, yet yummy, snacks but don’t have time to make them yourself? With a strong focus on finding healthy pre-packaged healthy snacks for kids, this business is right en trend with unlimited scope for growth. Make it a blog site, a product based site or directory showcasing the hidden gems where Mums can shop for pre-packaged healthy snacks for their kids.

Rainy Days Marketplace {Business yet to be named}

little seasons

About The Business: Rainy Days {Business yet to be named}

Have you ever been stuck inside with the kids because it’s been pouring with rain outside? It pretty much sucks! Every time it happens you go searching for activities to do with the kids and nothing seems to keep them occupied for more than five minutes. Why not jump at the chance to create an online business full of fun things to do when it is raining or too cold to go outside, and even include fun rainy day products like umbrellas, gumboots, rain jackets and more. With an international audience, the sky is the limit on how far and wide you can take this concept.


Little Seasons {Business yet to be named}


About The Business: Little Seasons {Business yet to be named}

Little Seasons is a little unique. It is a niched online business that will focus on kids fashion but the topic will be as per the seasons, summer, winter, autumn and spring. You’ll host a marketplace full of beautiful fashion for kids in every season.

Let’s get down to business. Here is what the package includes:

+ Fully set up e-commerce WordPress website
+ Advanced admin panel for you to upload/delete/edit content and products
+ Basic SEO optimization with keyword research and structure
+ Social media links
+ Automatic backups
+ Newsletter opt-in to collect emails
+ Blog
+ Legal docs for your website and business
+ Professionally designed logo
+ All accounts set up (Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, Gmail, Mailchimp, Emails etc)
+ 3 Professionally written blogs geared for SEO
+ 8 Weeks Free entry to our WordPress Facebook support group

PLUS – Free entry to the Business Jump Mastermind and Coaching e-Course which details how to get your first customers and start making sales.

We cover:

+ How to focus and turn your fear and overwhelm into actions towards your dreams
+ How to use social media to grow your audience and sales so you can fast track your business growth
+ How to add several income streams and create passive income to your business so you enjoy more freedom
+ How to write blogs so they attract traffic to start generating organic traffic to your website
+ How to create opt-ins to build your mailing list so you can take short cuts to growing your tribe
+ How to automate, outsource and streamline your business so you can spend more time with your family
+ How to scale your business to increase profits

BONUS – Free entry to our secret Facebook group just for Business Jump clients. Join a tribe of like-minded Mums all growing their business just like you, benefits include:

– Make new friends with like-minded business Mums
– Accountability partner to keep you accountable to your dream
– Ongoing live training calls to help you master your website and your business growth and sales
– Live Q&A chats so we can D&M about your progress, fears and goals
– Ongoing support from the Business Jump team to answer your questions so you aren’t alone

These businesses are currently in pre-sale mode which means there is a $300 discount for the next 3 days only.

The pre-sale price is $3599 + GST (paid over 4 weeks from 01/01/2017)

When this pre-sale expires in 3 days the price converts to the original price of  $3899 + GST

I do need to let you know one last thing, our businesses sell super fast because once people understand the power of this business model they realise they can create automatic recurring income and make their money back from this package many, many, many times over so if interested be sure to pop your deposit down ASAP and once received I will be in contact to celebrate your life changing decision to join the Business Jump family!

Have questions? Check out our most commonly asked questions or contact me via our contact page.