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How to Come up with a Business Name You Might Love More than Your First Born.

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Choosing the right business name can be so difficult because you want to hit the perfect combination of unique and memorable. Looking for business name ideas when so much seems to ride on this one decision, can be kind of nerve-wracking.

How do you stand out from the crowd, instantly stick in someone’s mind, explain succinctly exactly what you do, and don’t sound like anybody else?

Not that easy, huh?

The perfect business name search. How to find THE ONE. The entire future success of your business rests on this name. No pressure.

I had a friend who had started their own business and thought up what I thought was a catchy name. I asked him how he came up with it. He said, like finding your soulmate, when you think of the right business name, you’ll just know it is the one.

Ok, so that was really helpful… Not.

Because the truth is, sometimes we do know when we hit it and sometimes we don’t.

It can go either way.
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Marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies – Should You Personal Brand?

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I never deliberately meant to personal brand, as a strategy, I mean.

I was just following the breadcrumb trail of what felt right at the time.

In hindsight, I can see that this was one of the elements that has made Business Jump so successful.

But in the early days, before I understood the power of it, it was just about allowing people to get to know me (best place to find me in in my Facebook group Remarkable Business Mums) and breaking down some of the objections people have about doing business online (Are you an online scam? No, Jan, I’m not, search my name in my Facebook group and you will probably be quite shocked) and also leading by example, because if I was going to talk the talk about how great (and challenging) running your own business is, I had to show I had done the walk myself.
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Entrepreneur Burnout – Are You At Risk?

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If you are reading this then you are probably thinking about launching your own business, am I right?

For many people, and many mums specifically, this is living the dream.

It was (and still is) for me.

But one of the worst things you can do is go into it unrealistically and then burnout as a result.

Burnout – arghh! It’s like a swear word.
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New Business For Sale – Childcare & Parenting Resources Hub

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About The Business: Childcare & Parenting Resources Hub – ‘My Childcare Community.’

My Childcare Community is an online childcare & parenting resources hub where families can investigate their childcare options all in one convenient place. If you have had to search for childcare for your children, you will understand how much thought & research goes into making such a big decision. If you are passionate about making the process of finding quality care easier for families, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

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{SOLD} New Business For Sale – Dreamy Kids Sleeping Bags

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About The Business: Dreamy Kids Sleeping Bags – Name to be decided.

Wanting to start an online business but just completely stuck on what type of business you should start and what you should sell? We’ve found the perfect, hot in demand must have product for you to niche in. Kids sleeping bags.

As mums, we know that our kids love the novelty of sleeping bags, even if they aren’t doing any actual sleeping!

Sleeping bags are perfect for sleepovers, super cozy to snuggle in while watching movies, super handy for daycare plus loads more and to be honest, how cute are some of the types and styles you can get! You could even extend to kids bedding, blankets and accessories.

We will show you how to get up and running, create everything you need for you and give you the strategy you need to start creating an income from home whilst teaching how to work smarter, not harder by leveraging of  income streams that allow you to sell one to many, instead of one to one (hint, that means you will not be selling, stocking, packing and dispatching a physical product or having to invest $1000’s in upfront stock)

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Working from home

Working from Home: 15 Super Easy & Quick Things You Can Do to Scale Your Business

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If you are dipping your toes in the shallow waters of your dream online business, one thing you probably don’t have a lot of is time. Setting out into your own business adventure can be daunting and sometimes scarily overwhelming, but you know (and I know) that you can do it. Working from home: living the dream, right?

Working mothers, especially those that are trying to launch their own side hustle or dream business, are generally pressed for time. We fit planning, budgeting, marketing, customer service, administration, production, sales calls, and everything else in between the gaps of looking after kids and managing our homes.

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Here’s Why ‘Find Your Passion’ Isn’t the Best Advice When You’re Wondering ‘What To Do With My Life?’

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What to do with my life? This is something many women find themselves wondering at one point or another, especially after having children. Kids tend to lift the veil and we find ourselves asking what is important in my life? What matters most to me? Am I living with purpose? Am I even happy? Am I being a role model for my children? Is this it or is there more?

Asking and answering these questions can lead us down the garden path of new changes, direction and discovery.

Here is the thing though…

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The Reality Behind What People Really Think of You.

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A few years ago I had someone call me a word, I won’t repeat but it is the worst of the worst and starts with c. 

In the moment, it broke me.

I valued this person’s opinion, it mattered to me. Their approval mattered to me. I cared what they thought.

For the next few days it played on my mind and ultimately after some soul searching I came to the conclusion that it hurt so much because at the time, I didn’t have a strong foundation of knowing who I am first and foremost.

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Wholehearted Family Health (resized)

Where Are They Now? Andrea from Wholehearted Family Health

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I’m Andrea, I’m a midwife, child health nurse, wife and mum to a busy three-year-old girl. I live in Western Australia and I decided just over a year ago to make the jump into starting my own online health and wellness business called Wholehearted Family Health.

Tell me a bit about what you were doing before you got in contact with Business Jump?

I was a mostly stay-at-home mum, just doing a few casual shifts at the hospital before I contacted Business Jump. I had resigned from my dream job as a community midwife when my daughter was 8 months old because I didn’t feel ready to return to work part-time and put her in child care. I was dreaming of a new challenge and something that I could throw myself into as a side hustle.

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{SOLD} New Business For Sale – Wedding Accessories Marketplace

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About The Business: Wedding Accessories Marketplace – Name to be decided.

If you have ever planned a wedding, or even thought about it. You will know how hard it is to find all of the beautiful wedding accessories that help make the special day a success. We can help you start an online wedding accessories marketplace that connects your customers with the best unique pieces all on one convenient site. If you know where to find all the gorgeous, vintage & one of a kind accessories, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.


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