New Business For Sale – Photographers Dream Business

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About The Business Idea: Photographers Dream Business (Name to be decided)

For all the photographer mums out there, start an online business and learn how to get clients and create an online platform where in addition to doing what you love, you can also have several other more automated income streams as well.

Whether it is doing one to one photo shoots for your clients, running workshops, teaching and coaching photography online, an online marketplace selling related products or a platform sharing information, tips and tricks via digital downloads, an affiliate blog we will help you go through the pros and cons of each option and piece it all together so you can start an online business and do something that lights you up everyday.

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New Business For Sale – Nursery & Children’s Room Wall Art

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About The Business: Nursery & Chlildren’s Wall Art (Name to be decided)

As mums, decorating the nursery can be one of the most rewarding parts of welcoming a new baby into the home. We can show you how to put together an online business that sells digital wall art from amazing designers all around the world and attract like-minded mums who are looking to buy wall art. Put together a beautiful collection of downloadable wall art for nursery’s (or an older child’s room) and show off your creative side with a one stop shop for vibrant wall art that can be paid for and downloaded in just a few clicks. We will show you how to monetise it so you can build a business that avoids having to buy and manage inventory and skip past labour insensitive picking, packing and dispatching so your business truly affords you to design your life with so much more freedom than you ever thought was possible.

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How Twins Helped Me Swap Inner Shadows For Inner Peace

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I never realised I had an anxiety problem, but I have lived with it for years as I thought it was normal. I suspect it was triggered when I was 19 and had a terrifying melanoma scare. 16 years ago I opened the door at 9pm to my Mum standing there. It would not have been odd except for the fact she lived 600km’s away and didn’t tell me she was coming. Instantly I saw in her eyes something was not right. ‘The results came back today, it is a melanoma,’ my mum said trying to hold her voice steady.

I had just arrived back into Sydney after traveling around the world. There really was no time for this crap, in two weeks I was starting my Visual Communications course at Billy Blue in North Sydney, I had a life I needed to live. But, the fear filtered in and dispersed through my veins. I was scared, my Mum was scared. We were all scared.

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Where Are They Now? Andrea from The Cooking Collective

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I’m Andrea, owner of The Cooking Collective; a cooking blog and subscription marketplace. I live in beautiful East Gippsland, Victoria with my husband Luke and our four kids. I am currently on maternity leave, but work part time in a government job that I have had for almost 15 years. 

I am (and always have been) a super passionate home cook. Mostly because I love eating good food, but also because I love to make other people happy with food.

Tell me a bit about what you were doing before you got in contact with Business Jump?

I have been working in my government career, which I have loved, for almost 15 years. Once we started having kids, I stepped back to part time hours so that I could care for them. That was great, but it meant a drop in our family income. I started looking into something that I could run from home that would challenge me and also create an extra income that was more flexible around my new role of ‘mum’. My aim was to eventually match my full time wages with something that also balanced around my family.

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How to Make Your Website Sell for You, So You Can Live Life and Not Have to Do It.

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I have a confession to make.

I hate the word ‘sell’ and I don’t love the word ‘client’ either. It irks me a little when I need to use them. 

For me personally, I prefer to think of ‘sales’ as helping and serving someone. It isn’t about me taking from them, it is about me giving to them and helping them get from A-B with my expertise and knowledge. 

That’s so much more impactful than just simply selling them something, right? 

And, as for ‘client…’ well for me, these are incredible women who have put their trust and faith in me to deliver a service, which is helping them start an online business.

The word ‘client’ just doesn’t do my gratitude for them justice.

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New Business For Sale – Sleepy Baby Online Business

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About The Business: Sleepy Kids Online Shop – Name to be decided.

Wanting to start an online business but just completely stuck on what type of business you should start and what you should sell? We’ve found the perfect solution.

Whether you have no experience in the online world, or have some experience already we can help you create an online business out of something that we all have experience in – getting our little ones to sleep.

As mums, we know that sleep is a hot commodity and there are loads of different options we can skew this business to fit in with your strengths and long term goals and vision.

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Recipe for Success

Want Someone to Help you Start or Realign Your Online Business?

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If you’re trying to start an online business or already have an online business I know out there, in internet land, it’s a bit crazy at the moment. Everyone is talking about how amazing they are and how amazing their business is and how yours can be too if you just do X,Y, Z.

So I’m not going to do that as I am super sick of it as well.


What I do want to let you know though, is, I am feeling really inspired and motivated to help you if you’re struggling in your business.
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New Business For Sale – Yoga & Wellness Mums

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If you’ve been thinking of starting an online business but feel a little lost on where to go and how to do it, read on because here is the perfect solution.

We will help you get it all sorted.

Business Jump helps Mums just like you from all over the world find the perfect idea for an online business and helps you on your way to growing it with a plan and inspiration to make it into something you’ve always dreamed of.

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New Business For Sale – Tween Activewear Marketplace

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About The Business: Tween Activewear (Name to be decided)

As mums of tweens, we know how fun it is shopping with them to find the right clothes (not) So, start an online business and around your family by selling a beautifully curated collection of girls’ activewear for the style conscious tween. Whether its running, tennis, soccer or yoga use your life experience of being a mum to collect a wide collection of girls’ workout clothes, girls’ activewear and girls’ athletic wear for tweens who love fitness and keeping active to help foster and support a healthy life style.

We will show you how to monetise it so you can build a business which avoids having to buy and manage inventory and skip past labour insensitive picking, packing and dispatching so your business truly affords you to design your life with so much more freedom than you ever thought was possible.

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Three of the Best Tips (and Business Ideas) to Start an Online Business with Strut Worthy Confidence.

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So you’re a mum and since your little ones have arrived your whole world has changed.  There is something about a baby entering earth side that flips our entire life and for a while we are completely consumed with this little being.

As the baby haze starts to wear off a lot of us start thinking forward again. Going back to a job that takes us away from our little ones that isn’t even fulfilling becomes a harder pill to swallow.

Getting up to the daily grind, breakfast, getting dressed, making lunches, getting out the door starts to become overwhelming. Time whirls past in the thick of peak hour traffic, daycare fees and mumhood and all of a sudden we start to wonder if this is it?

We find ourselves simply living, not thriving and starting to look at ways to throw the job in and work from home.
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