Want Someone to Help you Start or Realign Your Online Business?

By July 10, 2019 Blogs
Recipe for Success

If you’re trying to start an online business or already have an online business I know out there, in internet land, it’s a bit crazy at the moment. Everyone is talking about how amazing they are and how amazing their business is and how yours can be too if you just do X,Y, Z.

So I’m not going to do that as I am super sick of it as well.


What I do want to let you know though, is, I am feeling really inspired and motivated to help you if you’re struggling in your business.
It is actually a little selfish of me to be honest.

Because I get my fulfilment and happiness from my business, out of seeing you transform from feeling a little lost and confused to feeling empowered and nailing your business.

I love sharing the real raw behind the scenes stuff that it takes to run a business so you know you aren’t alone, the super simple but effective strategy I used so you can cut to the chase and use it as well, all my mindset hacks that have empowered me so you can be empowered as well, my automation and systemisation setups so your business can start running without you and most of all, I love seeing you implement it, do the work, take the action and get results because I know how good it feels when you’re nailing business and achieving what you dreamed of doing.

Here is what I know for sure….

You are so close to running and growing a successful business and once you understand a few core pieces to the puzzle it all starts to make sense.

But, the reason why it feels so hard is because we get so stuck in our heads, going around and around circles, not gaining any traction, not spending our time in the right areas of our business (profit producing areas, yo’) and not understanding the mindset we need to have to sustain us.

Sometimes we’ve failed before we are even out of the gate if we have a badly designed website, the wrong business strategy or a mouldy attitude and without a realignment it is all over red rover.

Business is just as much a personal development story, as it is a business journey and once I understood the power of the right business strategy aligned with the right business model and the right mindset I grew Business Jump further than I ever realised I could.

Most of all, I shocked the hell out of myself with what I am really capable of.

So, want to break out of the stage you’re in and move onto the next level?

I might be happy to help you if:

  • You have some type of skills or knowledge we can wrap into an online business (or are already a serviced based business, are a freelancer or consultant but need a realignment)
  • You’re ready to put some time into your business.
  • You’re driven to succeed and create an amazing business.
  • You feel confused and a bit lost but want to work through it.
  • You know that learning from someone who has done before it is a smart way to get to where you want to go.
  • You are prepared to learn the mindset hacks needed to be successful.
  • You are ready to start your business or you need a complete redesign of your website and branding.
  • You know that working smarter not harder is the real deal to creating a business with freedom.

Goals you and I will work towards:

  • To help give you an insight to the strategy you need to grow and scale your business.
  • To realign you with your purpose so your business is fulfilling.
  • To help move you through confusion, overwhelm and frustration so you feel clear, motivated and excited.
  • To structure your business so eventually you can start to absorb yourself out of it.
  • To create or refine an offering/package/service to help you reach your income goals.
  • To introduce you to the mindset hacks and thought processes to work smarter, not harder.
  • To create or redesign your branding and website so it positions and supports you.

What this is not:

This isn’t going to be some boring complicated process where I make you do loads of stuff you don’t want to do or that doesn’t feel right. When chatting with you, I don’t have a formal process as I prefer to work intuitively with you and centre my help around what is going to make the biggest impact and which will then lift the game easily and automatically for everything else in your business.


What’s included in this package:

  • One coaching D&M call with me so we can refine and realign who you are, what you want to do and where you want to go.
  • Up to 4 weeks of private coaching via a group chat.
  • Access to my private Facebook group and community so I can continue supporting you.
  • Access to my amazing team so they can assist you on a full business/website redesign or creation.
  • Access to my team for further one to one support and consultation during the project.
  • Access to my e-course so you can get an insight to the online marketing strategy you need to scale your business.

Pop in your email and I’ll send you all the info right now.

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