My Best Quick Tips on How to Start an Online Business For Free (& Set Yourself up for Success in the Process)

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

If this jump starter business package isn’t for you, then you can totally start and create your online business for free, everything that you need can be worked out and DIY’ed. That’s the beauty of the internet these days, is if you know what you are looking for you can work out how to get yourself sorted.

Ok sure, DIYing may be the harder way, it may take more time to workout and you may make a few mistakes along the way or end up with something that looks shit, but at the same time, you also might not. If you really have no funds to pay an expert to help you, then what have you got to lose? 

With some time, perseverance and motivation you can totally work it out and you can start an online business and learn along the way, it is better then not trying at all right?

I’ll even give you my best tips to get started:

Be inspired

Firstly, set yourself up for success and get an idea of the land of opportunity that exists out in the online world because it is a world full of abundance and wealth. Do a search for like-minded people or businesses who are doing what you’d like to do and follow their journey’s on social media, join like-minded business Facebook groups (Like, Remarkable Business Mums) google and read any articles you can about them, admire and appreciate their successes and use them as a positive role model or unofficial mentor because you too, can create that in your life and it starts with understanding what’s possible and allowing that energy to inspire you.

Visualise it

I know, I know we’ve all heard of a vision board and some people think they are a little naff but personally I love them. I love them because I have made pretty much all the things on mine come true so I know the power of them. If you can’t be bothered cutting and pasting loads of stuff, do it the smart way and start a vision board on Pinterest. Pin things like this blog and quotes that inspire and motive you, pin stuff like maybe the house of your dreams, or photos of that island holiday you’ve been dreaming off.


I know it is easy to look at those people and think that they are smarter, prettier, more qualified than you, but that’s not true. Everyone successful in business started out where you are right now and probably even thought the same things. But, now is the time to equip yourself with a growth mindset and this is instrumental in creating a successful online business. Every time you catch yourself thinking ‘I can’t do that’ flip your thoughts and say to yourself ‘I will work out a way to do it’


One of the things I constantly hammer home with my clients is, starting and running a successful online business is a constant learning journey. Even I, still to this day make my learning education a priority.

I listen to podcasts, read books, follow people who share advice online, do e-courses, watch educational Youtube videos. Before you do anything or any type of work, make your learning a priority.

Some of my favourite podcasts are:
Mind Your Business by James Wedmore
The Marie Forleo podcast by Marie Forleo
Making the Entrepreneur by Jess Catroc
Unstoppable with Kerwin Rae
The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
Marketing Secrets with Russell Brunson​​​

Tip: Don’t try and listen to them all at once, pick the episodes that reflect where you are. For example, if you need help setting up a business, choose the episodes related to that, not an episode talking about FB ads for example. Immerse yourself in content and topics specifically related to the stage you are at right now. Also, I listen to my podcasts with the speed on 1.5 so I can consume more content in a shorter amount of time.

Some of my favourite books are:
Thrive by Arianna Huffington
Four Hour Work Week by Tim Feriss
The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
Anything by Lisa Messenger
Winging it by Emma Isaacs

Buy them or continue browsing by clicking here.

Make time for it

If you really want to start an online business but months or years have past but you haven’t got around to it, then it can’t be that important to you.

Find a Profitable Business Idea & Turn it into an Online Business

Always dreamed of starting your online business but stuck on what your first steps should be? Download my free worksheets and masterclass to help you get started.

Or something has been holding you back….You’ve been busy, I get it, but life is busy and other mums just like you find the time so it isn’t really a good excuse.

I bet the deeper you go with this question with why you haven’t started, is not because you’ve been busy but because there is some deep seated fear there that if you start something you might fail and that is ok, we all fear from time to time.

Work out what it is that has been holding you back, acknowledge the block and then find a way to move past it, such as:

  • Cut out non-negotiable time to work on your business, even if it is only 20 minutes a day.
  • Find someone to help you work through your fear, like a mentor, coach or even us – that is exactly what we do.
  • Find a way or someone, to make yourself accountable to (post in my Facebook group and ask if anyone wants to be an accountability buddy)
  • Ask yourself, what is more scary a) staying where you are right now and being in the same position in 5 years or b) giving this online business thing a try and seeing what happens?

Continue reading how I find some type of rhythm in the crazy world of WAHMing by clicking here.

Bust through some common myths

I see common myths holding people back everywhere and that’s ok but revert back to your growth mindset and know that for every problem, there is a solution, here are some I see and hear all the time:

You have to wait for the right time to start you business

Starting an online business is pretty much like what they say about having a baby, there is generally no right time so just work out what your first step is and focus on taking action on that one single thing. It will then lead to your next thing and the honest truth is, you might never feel ‘ready’ to start an online business because there is always ‘something’ popping up so don’t wait to have the scene cleared, clear the scene yourself to make room for it and start before you feel ready. In fact, starting before you feel ready is the hack successful people use to make shit happen and become successful.

You need to have a passion before you can start


Similar to myth #1, loads of people wait around for their passion to magically appear. I am living proof that whilst if you know your passion that is awesome, it isn’t something that is a necessity.  When I started Business Jump I had no idea it was going to lead me to my passion and living within purpose. At the time, I was just leveraging off my website design and creative skillset so the key here is to get started as best you can, our passions reveal themselves from doing and trying out different things, not by waiting around for them. And, be open minded, imagine if I never started Business Jump because it ‘wasn’t a passion at the time’ I would have missed out on the most amazing thing to ever happen to me in my life. Besides my husband and kids that is!

If someone else is doing it you can’t

I seriously hate this one, here are a few reasons why:

Just because someone is doing something you want to do, doesn’t mean you can’t. Dreams, ambitions and things we crave to do aren’t exclusive to one person only.

The fact there are already people out there doing the same thing as what you want to do is good. It validates there is a market for your idea, which is proof it can be successful, now you can pack away the fear that it isn’t a good idea or it won’t work because you can see clear as day, it can. 

Just because there is someone doing it right now, doesn’t mean they will be doing it tomorrow, next week or next year. They might drop out of business for some reason, or they might change the direction they are going in and try something new.

Work smarter, not harder to get ahead of them. This comes down to your business model, understanding how to save and make time, working on your profit producing areas and understanding that people do business with people, not businesses so use yourself to stand out from the crowd. There might be loads businesses doing the same or similar to you, but there is only ONE of you.

Find an idea

Now that we have a few fundamentals covered, it is time to find your business idea and either not being able to think of even one idea, or having too many ideas is the number one thing I would say is the cause of why some people never get started! At Business Jump we take our clients through a super simple, but super effective strategy to flesh out that perfect idea which not only feels ‘right’ but also sets up their business to have the best chance of success, because the biggest hack is finding an idea that glides as effortlessly as possible into your online marketing strategy. If you want an introduction on how we do this for our clients click here to download my free masterclass and learn the behind the scenes strategy.

Decide how to monetise it

I could honestly write 1001 blog topics on this but instead I’ve composed it into a quick read, free e-book. Download it here.

But in a nut shell, choosing the right income stream can be the make or break of creating just another job for yourself, or creating a business that allows you to grow and scale it without scaling equal amounts of your time, this is the number one hack to get right in order to create a business that affords you flexibility and freedom.

Secure your domain and hosting

As soon as you have your business idea, and your business name you want to register your domain and hosting A-SAP (this is where your website lives) You want to do it A-SAP so no-one registers your business name in the meantime as it is super annoying when that happens and you’d need to start from scratch all over again. To secure your domain name pop over to this link. If you’re not sure what to do or how to go about it check out these top tips for registering your domain name I wrote to help you get started.

And finally…

If you are still stuck, can’t work it out or stumped for ideas then consider working with us so we can help you move through each stage and have a beautiful online business at the end of it. Click here for details.

Find a Profitable Business Idea & Turn it into an Online Business

Always dreamed of starting your online business but stuck on what your first steps should be? Download my free worksheets and masterclass to help you get started.