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About: Business Jump, Natasha Stewart

While the perks of working from home can often be romanticised, if your time and goals are not managed effectively, the dream can turn into a nightmare. Natasha Stewart is the strategic powerhouse and mother of two at the helm of Business Jump; an online business that provides a platform for other mothers to jumpstart their dreams of running a profitable business from home, without succumbing to some of the common pitfalls.

Stewart turned two pivotal moments of adversity into the impetus for a successful business, and is now empowering other mums to do the same. Stewart’s return to the workforce after her first child resulted in an unlawful firing due to her need for flexibility as a new mother, a disappointing experience that forced her to rely on her freelance website and grapgic design business and her online baby clothing business as her primary revenue generator.

The birth of her second child and the relentless pressure of running a business from home along with caring for two young children resulted in a severe bout of postnatal depression—an experience Stewart now views as a gift, crediting it with giving her a wake-up call to live life differently and revamp her patterns of working. Business Jump was the result, and Stewart hasn’t looked back.

Described as a ‘business BFF’ for mums looking for flexible hours and more time with their children without sacrificing career fulfillment and profits, Business Jump provides the launching pad to create and successfully monetise online business ideas.

Clients either have a fledgling business idea, or a dream of a flexible online business, and Stewart and her team will package this into a unique concept and income stream. Clients receive a business toolkit and support from team of mentors, business coaches, IT, marketing and design teams to ensure their business gets the best start.

Launched in 2015, Business Jump reached $1 million turnover in just two short years and now earns Stewart more in one month than her entire year’s salary from the job she was fired from.

The WAHM journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but Stewart has successfully integrated the lessons from these bumps in the road to ensure her clients benefit from her learnings.

Stewart rejects the idea of the 24/7 hustle and champions the importance of outsourcing and automating as much as possible to work smarter, not harder.

A self-confessed ‘empire-builder’, Stewart is driven to keep growing personally and professionally, and is committed to bringing her ‘WAHM’ tribe along with her.

Stewart is an engaging, inspiring, switched-on businesswoman who would love to discuss a number of topics:

  • Business mindsets: operating with determination, self-accountability, motivation and mindfulness
  • The freelance economy: living with ambiguity, finding balance with the unknown
  • Work and identity: how we can unravel without purpose
  • Building a connected passionate digital workforce: the challenges and opportunities of remote working community
  • Challenging traditional work models: automation first
  • Hitting 1M revenue in the first two years of business: how Stewart learned from her start-up fails
  • Nurturing great ideas into big business: How Business Jump mentors start-ups to success
  • Working outside your comfort zone: empire dreaming
  • How to make business work for you, not the other way round
  • How Stewart overcame post-natal depression by setting up her business, and why it was a blessing for learning how to overcome adversity
  • Juggling life as a work-at-home mum
  • Changing careers: how becoming a mother can lead to surprising new careers, as women elect to build business around motherhood
  • How Business Jump is mobilising the WAHM economy
  • Empowering mums: confidence through business