How To Make Money While You Live The Life You Want

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I want to share with you something that could change the way you do business forever!

These days, in the businesses I run there are two main key elements I focus my time on doing. These two things are the secret keys to creating profitable businesses with minimum time input while I am away enjoying life.

If you’ve heard about passive income you may know what I am on about or you may have some preconceived ideas about it.

Passive income is earning money while you sleep. It’s earning money while you play with your children, it’s earning money while you have date night with you husband, while you are away on holidays, you know – while enjoying life.

And the formula is so simple.

Create content and sell it by creating exposure for it.

So, what type of content you ask?

A few of my favourites:
– e-books
– exclusive memberships
– packages with exclusive content
– courses and training
– exclusive offers with other businesses

If you’ve read this far and are thinking, I can’t do that! Then hold the phone, stay with me, I will show you how.

It doesn’t matter if you have a product-based business or a blog, or a service based business. You just need to think outside the box and think to yourself, what other interests does my ideal customer have?

Let’s take theΒ Kids Pyjama HouseΒ business, that we currently have for sale as an example. Target audience is mums that love cute pyjamas for their kiddies, ages 0 – 10 years. Let’s say that when looking at our stats we saw that a high percentage of our audience was mums with children 0 – 3 years old, so let’s focus on them.

What else do you think these mums would like to know about that is connected to this business?

Some of my thoughts are:

– Sleep-related tips and tricks (how many of us have had a non-sleeper!)
– Bedtime reading suggestions/reviews on storytime books
– Quick and easy healthy dinner recipes
– Bedtime routines
– Bedroom/nursery inspiration and ideas
– Mum wellness and mindfulness (aka how to stay sane)
– Development and behaviour

The list is endless when you start to get going…

Now, you pick what connects with you and decide how am I going to turn this into cash?

Again, using the Pyjama business, let’s say I decided to create an e-book and picked sleep-related tips and tricks as the topic. I know a lot of mums can resonate with this, for me I had a baby that did not sleep until he is over 2 so it’s something I can put heart and feeling into.

But, we want to make this book super, super valuable so people will buy it! And, what if you’re thinking, I have no idea how to write?

The key is:

We outsource experts and other people to contribute. We can then promote the e-book as ‘Top tips from the sleep experts to get your little one sleeping through the night’ or something similar.

Off the top of my head, the first go-to’s I would be thinking about are:

The Baby Sleep Company
The Baby Whisperer
Pinky McKay

Also, if you’re in a mums group in real life or on Facebook or just have mum friends, ask them for their best tips and add them in as ‘everyday real mum tips’

You might even like to have a ‘real stories’ section and add your own story or a few stories from friends or anyone that has something they’d like to share.

Then, you might like to go to several other businesses that sell related (but not exact) products and ask them if they’d like to be included in the book and offer your readers a discount. (they get exposure and you get to offer readers a range of discounts)

All of the above you can pull together with a bit of hustling, time and commitment, and pretty much no money. In exchange of the content, you want to be offering these contributors exposure for their business and a funnel of potential customers to go to them, I wouldn’t want to be paying them.. Leverage off what else you can offer them instead.
And there you have it, awesome content that you can use to create an e-book with that will create passive income that you’ve had to hardly even write yourself. You just need to compose it and promote it now.

The next steps are:
1. How to design it. (You don’t need a graphic designer)
2. How to get it out there and selling (It starts with using what you already have)

Steps 1 and 2 are exclusive content for my amazing customers and any new customers.

So, if you’ve felt inspired by the above and want to jump into a business you can create passive income from today, hit reply and enquire about the businesses we have available:

1. Kids Pyjama House (Product based online business)
2. Dog Owners (Blog with several income channels)
3. If you’ve got an idea, contact us and we’ll discuss it with you.

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Also, I am going to leave you with one last piece of inspiration.

Kate, from Secret Bloggers Business has just announced she has earned over a MILLION dollars from her blog and passive income. Inspiring stuff!

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