Where Are They Now? Deanna from The Inspired Boss

Deanna - The Inspired Boss

Tell us a bit about you?

Hi! I’m Deanna and the owner of The Inspired Boss. I live in country Victoria with my husband and 2 children. We homeschool the kids so the need to be home is so important to us as a family! We have a crazy dream of travelling long term with and living a life of freedom. This journey to creating my own business has been a long time coming but I’m grateful that I jumped! There are so many opportunities out there and space for everyone. I’m so grateful to my amazing husband for supporting me on this crazy business journey!

Tell me a bit about what you were doing before you got in contact with Business Jump?

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for 15 years, in a very location dependent career. I love it (I still do work in it) but I knew that I needed to create a business that I could travel and be home with the kids. I used my knowledge in the industry and created a business as a social media manager, specialising in the health and wellness space. Once I had created an online business, I was hooked! I came across BJ on Facebook one day and loved the concept. I knew that I needed to create something that I was able to leverage to scale my income, not trade time for money. I watched Nat and BJ for months and then one night the idea came to me for The Inspired Boss. As an ecourse junkie it was perfect! I relied heavily on then when creating my other business and I knew that it would be amazing to have them all in the one spot!

Why did you want to start your own business, what is your why?

My why is to be able to spend time with my husband and kids. We unschool so we really need someone home with them. My ultimate dream is to retire my husband and travel the world together as a family. This just isn’t possible with our location dependent professions!

How long had you wanted to start a business before you actually took action and took the

Starting my own online business had been something I was visualising for many years. I started with my social media management business and fell in love with entrepreneurship. I knew I wanted something that was a bit more scalable. Whilst I still work with clients, I’m so happy to have something that has unlimited potential!

If you hadn’t of started your own business what do you think you’d be doing right now?

I’d be working more hours than I could really handle in a job that whilst I love, it’s very demanding and inflexible in terms of hours.

What have you done differently because of Business Jump that you wouldn’t have done if

The main thing is that I wouldn’t have been able to put the time into getting the business out there into the world. Whilst Nat and her team were building the website, I was able to go head first into social media and contacting potential vendors. I also got so much out of Nat’s course. If I hadn’t have done that I think it would have taken much longer to get to where I am now.

Tell us about your business?

The Inspired Boss is a marketplace of ecourses for online business owners but it’s also a place to help inspire other women to take control and create something for them. It gives them the tools and confidence to make it happen and give them the opportunity to create a life that affords them the luxury to work independently and from anywhere in the world.

How did it feel when you got the reins to your business to take out into the world?

I was so excited! I loved that someone worked on the technical side and I could spend my time thinking about how to get it out there and what to offer. There’s nothing like seeing your vision come to life!

How many hours a week do you work on your business?

I average about 10 hours a week. I could definitely spend more though! I’m juggling kids and work so I slot it in when I can. Even though it’s slow progress, I’m still making it work! Slowly ticking things off my list!

What are some of your most special ‘business wins’ you’ve had to date?

  1. Having an ecourse creator that I love and respect reach out to advertise with me and give me a huge compliment on the business.
  2. Making my first sale! There’s something so exciting about that!
  3. Navigating Pinterest! This is something I strongly suggest every business owner does!

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Travelling the world with the family, watching them learn, discover and grow.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone thinking about starting their business?

Rip that band off! Seriously, get it up and out there. The business you start with will grow and evolve so don’t try and get it perfect. Just get it out there!

Where can we find you?

URL – www.theinspiredboss.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/theinspiredboss
Instagram – www.instagram.com/theinspiredboss

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/theinspiredboss