Want to run your own business from home?

If you've been thinking of starting an online business but feel a little lost on where to go and how to do it, read on because here is the perfect solution....

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How it works:

We help define your online business blueprint from your idea, to your income streams, to your branding to ensure your business will get you to where you want to go.

Our experienced team will take the stress out of everything and pull together your vision and match it with our expertise to create your beautiful new online business.

We give you a proven strategy and continued support in our Facebook group with a tribe of over 200 Business Jump family members to set you up for success.

How do you feel at the end of each day?

Drained? Overwhelmed? Bored? Unfulfilled? Trapped? Overworked?
Maybe you are happy but.... you just can’t quite put your finger on it.
You have a feeling that there has to be more to life.
You want a life where you know your why and are living in purpose.
You are free to choose your days without being dictated to by a boss.
You can work whenever and wherever you like with just a laptop and wifi.
You wake up before your alarm (and the kids!) excited to start your day.
Your earning potential is uncapped and you control how much you earn.
You can down tools and spend time with your little ones, whenever you want.
You can jump on a plane tomorrow and travel to the other side of the world.

What if.....

It was all possible? 

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Are you ready to move past the ‘what if’s?

I know it can feel overwhelming. All the fears...
What if I fail? What if I’m not smart enough? What will people think?
Maybe you have too many ideas and are stuck in analysis paralysis.
Maybe you are worried that you don’t have the skills and will waste your money.
But what if you had someone guiding and supporting you?
To help you find your purpose so you could live in true alignment?
Who could help you find the right business idea so you could feel fulfilled?
Who could advise you on the right business model to put you on the right path?
That gave you insights to the right strategy from the get-go?
Who could hold your hand throughout the startup process?
Who you could bounce ideas with and answer with industry expertise and advice?
Who would set it all up for you so you didn’t have work it out by yourself?

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We can help you create the business of your dreams

We will partner with you and show you how to use an online business as the vehicle to get you to where you want to go. I created Business Jump because I want to inspire and empower Mums just like you to live the life they really want to live, just like I have done. With the right strategy and plan we can make it happen, together. 

All we need from you is:
Time – Whether you only have a few minutes or hours each day, make them count.
Motivation –A business just doesn’t start growing by itself, you have to want it
Willpower – To create the life you want to live even on the hard days.
Truth – To be true to yourself and your search for your purpose in life.

Together we will create a beautiful online business so you can step into a life full of freedom, fulfilment and profit.

I'd been thinking about having my own business for some time. I was doing some independent consulting in the same field I'd worked in for many years. But I was longing for something else. I came across Business Jump by chance and I felt compelled to explore it. Natasha was so encouraging and genuine and I decided to take a step of faith. Business Jump took away all my concerns about not knowing how to set up an online business. They handled everything and guided me through the process. They managed the technical side and helped me refine what I was going to do. My project manager was fantastic not only at managing the work, but also reassuring me, answering my many, many questions and keeping me sane. The online course is very helpful and practical and the ongoing support and education in the Business Jump community is invaluable.


I am so grateful I found Nat and her amazing team. Getting through the first hurdle of starting a business can be so hard, but with their help it's easy and fast. They are well-versed at finding a viable business concept for an online business and having their expertise to set up the website and core online systems you need at the start was a huge timesaver. I most appreciate the advice and support they provide along the way, at no time did I feel like I was lost or on my own. And the awesome community of like-minded customers they have created is invaluable for positive peer support, and a genuine sounding board for any ideas. If you're on the fence about starting a business but want freedom to live your life your way, I say give it a go with Business Jump! You're in good hands.

Jessica Osbornwww.jessicaosborn.com

I've loved working with you guys at Business Jump.
Having the private group really makes me feel a part of something special. Working on a business can be quite lonely but the group really removes that sense of feeling.
I've not had an opportunity to really sink my teeth in on a continuous basis but hoping for that to change moving forward now that I've tied up some loose ends with other commitments.
Thank you Nat and the whole team for the on going support and direction. It really is amazing.


What's included when working with us:



Work 1: with us to flesh out the business idea and business model of your dreams:

+ 1:1 Advice to flesh out your business idea
+ 1:1 Advice to help you monetise it
+ We will then create it all for you

Plus, access to the Business Jump Starter e-Course:

+ The strategy you need to make sales
+ How to grow, automate and scale your business
+ How to share your story and grow your audience
+ How to get started with social media
+ Mindset hacks and shortcuts 
+ All of my best resources, tools, tips and tricks



Glide past having to worry about how to sort out all the techy stuff, we will do it for you:

+ Domain
+ Hosting registration
+ Fully setup e-commerce WordPress website
+ Email setup
+ Professional logo design
+ Image selection
+ Basic SEO
+ Social media icon design and links
+ Newsletter opt-in to collect emails
+ Landing page design (if applicable)

+ Blog setup
+ Legal docs for your website and business
+ 3 social media accounts & email accounts set up
+ Email subscriber setup



Join a tribe of like-minded Mums all growing their business just like you, benefits include:

+ Make new friends with other business Mums
+ Accountability partner to keep you accountable
+ Ongoing live training calls
+ Live Q&A chats for your progress and goals
+ Ongoing support from myself and my team

The following experts in our FB group:

+ Jessica Osborn - Business Coach
+ Odette Barry - Social Media Expert
+ Kate Toon - SEO Expert
+ Kathryn Price - PR Expert
+ Prerna Malik - Copywriting Expert

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