Here’s Why ‘Find Your Passion’ Isn’t the Best Advice When You’re Wondering ‘What To Do With My Life?’

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What to do with my life? This is something many women find themselves wondering at one point or another, especially after having children. Kids tend to lift the veil and we find ourselves asking what is important in my life? What matters most to me? Am I living with purpose? Am I even happy? Am I being a role model for my children? Is this it or is there more?

Asking and answering these questions can lead us down the garden path of new changes, direction and discovery.

Here is the thing though…

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Success Tips: The Top 13 Things Successful People Have Given Up

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There are literally a billion books out there that share success tips. If you read all of them, you would never actually have time to start your business and become a success.

My list of success tips for entrepreneurs is much quicker and simpler.

Easy to read and even easier to implement, my success tips are all about what not to do.

Here are the top 13 things that your successful friends have given up, and that it may be really helpful for you to think about giving up to.

Fortunately, this list does not include coffee, wine or chocolate. You can absolutely keep those – I promise!

This list is more about a shift in your mindset than me proposing you do anything really difficult.

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Business ideas at home

Business Ideas: From Concept to Completion

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I think that every one of us has a business idea at home at least once in their life. Some people will have quite a few.

Only some will succeed at it, however.

The difference between these people is that some will take the leap and put their idea into action, while others will think, ‘Oh, wouldn’t that be nice?’, and then instead just get on the 90-minute bus ride into the city yet again.

Sometimes we don’t really figure out our passion or purpose until we become mums. Some incredible idea opens up inside us like a lotus flower and we realise this would make us more balanced and fulfilled than any job or career path before it.

Sometimes we have already found our career purpose, and love it with all our hearts. Then we become mums and realise a little something else needs a whole lot of our heart as well. So, these mums come up with a great business idea at home to create peace and harmony between their careers and their mum-ness. Read More

Business name search

How to Come up with a Business Name You Might Love More than Your First Born.

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Choosing the right business name can be so difficult because you want to hit the perfect combination of unique and memorable. Looking for business name ideas when so much seems to ride on this one decision, can be kind of nerve-wracking.

How do you stand out from the crowd, instantly stick in someone’s mind, explain succinctly exactly what you do, and don’t sound like anybody else?

Not that easy, huh?

The perfect business name search. How to find THE ONE. The entire future success of your business rests on this name. No pressure.

I had a friend who had started their own business and thought up what I thought was a catchy name. I asked him how he came up with it. He said, like finding your soulmate, when you think of the right business name, you’ll just know it is the one.

Ok, so that was really helpful… Not.

Because the truth is, sometimes we do know when we hit it and sometimes we don’t.

It can go either way.
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Marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies – Should You Personal Brand?

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I never deliberately meant to personal brand, as a strategy, I mean.

I was just following the breadcrumb trail of what felt right at the time.

In hindsight, I can see that this was one of the elements that has made Business Jump so successful.

But in the early days, before I understood the power of it, it was just about allowing people to get to know me (best place to find me in in my Facebook group Remarkable Business Mums) and breaking down some of the objections people have about doing business online (Are you an online scam? No, Jan, I’m not, search my name in my Facebook group and you will probably be quite shocked) and also leading by example, because if I was going to talk the talk about how great (and challenging) running your own business is, I had to show I had done the walk myself.
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Entrepreneur Burnout – Are You At Risk?

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If you are reading this then you are probably thinking about launching your own business, am I right?

For many people, and many mums specifically, this is living the dream.

It was (and still is) for me.

But one of the worst things you can do is go into it unrealistically and then burnout as a result.

Burnout – arghh! It’s like a swear word.
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Working from home

Working from Home: 15 Super Easy & Quick Things You Can Do to Scale Your Business

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If you are dipping your toes in the shallow waters of your dream online business, one thing you probably don’t have a lot of is time. Setting out into your own business adventure can be daunting and sometimes scarily overwhelming, but you know (and I know) that you can do it. Working from home: living the dream, right?

Working mothers, especially those that are trying to launch their own side hustle or dream business, are generally pressed for time. We fit planning, budgeting, marketing, customer service, administration, production, sales calls, and everything else in between the gaps of looking after kids and managing our homes.

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My Best Inside Secrets on How To Create Your Website Like a Pro Without Any Website Experience, For Free!

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Here is the shortcut that will show you how to make a website in 6 quick steps that no website designer wants you to know. You can use an out-of-the-box theme, plug it in, add your content and there you go, you’ve got a website, with no coding or web design knowledge required.

The very first thing to do is pin this blog to Pinterest so you can find it and refer back to it anytime.

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How Not to Be a Dick in Facebook Groups and Instead Get the Most Out of Them.

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Social media can be awesome for growing your business and engaging your audience, but a lot of businesses get it wrong when starting out, and unbeknown to most, there are some silent etiquette rules of what’s ok and what’s not in the land of social media, specifically Facebook groups.

From growing Remarkable Business Mums from 0 to 13,000+ in three years, I am going to share a few do’s and don’ts with you as a member in someone else’s group, and also how you can leverage the community of members to create more clients / customers for your own business. But listen in carefully, because I bet I am going to suggest in a way that you may not have considered before. Read More