Business Jump Family and Team Surprises

I am sitting here trying to keep a straight face.

My game face is on.

The reason is because I am writing this post about Kylie.

And, she is sitting here opposite me.

None the wiser.

We are both just working away, doing what we love.

For those that don’t know, Kylie is the Business Jump Project Manager and she has come to Sydney to stay with me for a few days from Melbourne.

Kylie started with Business Jump to run the ship for me while I worked on growing the business, content creation and strategy.

But, it has turned into more than that.

Like a LOT more.

So, itching with excitement I picked her up from the airport yesterday and keeping my secret hidden.

I had planned a big surprise for her, to say thank you.

For being there for me through all the ups and downs of business.

For being on the phone with me for three hours on Friday night, until 4.30am while shit was going down.

For being amazing at her job.

For caring about my clients as much as I do.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am shit with surprises.

I’m that Mum that wants to tell their kids what their Christmas presents are as soon as I buy them.

But, I managed to keep my mouth shut and at 2.45 this morning I woke her announcing it is ‘Surprise Kylie Day’ and she has 10 minutes to get dressed and in the car for a 2-hour drive.

She was a bit WTF? But we were driving up the freeway in no time.

Coffees in hand, we arrived and the big sign as we entered gave the game away.

‘Hot Air Balloon Rides at Sunrise’. It was pretty epic.

For a pretty epic person.