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The Largely Unknown Hack I used to Grow and Sustain a Million Dollar Business While being a WAHM.

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I’m that friend of a friend…

You know, that story you hear and aren’t sure whether it could really be true.

It was one of those moments where your whole life is turned upside down and you are left in complete and utter WTF shock.

Yeah. Me. That was me.

Like a handbag that was picked up and turned upside down with all the mum crap we shove in there spilling out…

Lipsticks, coins, that day old half eaten sandwich that the kids didn’t want anymore, water with the lid not screwed on properly leaking everywhere.

That was like how my brain fell out of my head when I found out.

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Behind the Scenes Filming For Kochie’s Business Builders

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Just last month (May 2018) I was so honoured to be invited by Kochie’s Business Builder’s to share my story on Channel 7 about the growth of Business Jump and what was even better was they asked me to bring along one of my clients so they could feature them as well.

I knew instantly that I would ask Rebecca Searles, who is a client who came to us with a dream of starting a business that we helped set up for her and get her started on the right path which is now flourishing as Family Garden Life and also a gorgeous friend of mine now, largely thanks to our love of having conversations in gifs, drinking wine and keeping it real.

UPDATE: The segment is now live, watch it here:

We check in with Family Garden Life to see how the business has grown

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How To Start a Business

How To Start a Business Online and Monetise it Smartly.

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It is the question I get asked almost on a daily basis. How to start a business online and how long will it take to start earning revenue?

The truth?

I seriously don’t know how long it is going to take you, it is different for everyone. But, you can check out how long it took these Business Jump clients to start a business online and monetise it with our help by clicking here.

It is sorta like one of those how long is a piece of string questions. 

How committed are you? How resilient are you? How efficiently can you work? What areas of the business are you focusing on? Are you being smart with your time? Are you working in the flow? Do you know what zone of genius you are in and working within that? Are you applying the 80/20 rule? Do you have a growth mindset, or a limited mindset?

Did I freak you out with all those questions?

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I’m Sorry I Was A Shit Mum Today

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I am sorry for being a shit mum.

Yesterday, I was distracted.

Hours passed after I picked you up from school and I wasn’t present in your conversations.

My mind was racing with all the things.

Such a day with so much to onboard and process.

When you complained about going to bed, I snapped.

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How To Overcome Your Crazy & Find Peace as a Mum

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I remember when my psychologist suggested exercise to me.

‘She is crazy,’ I thought. The truth is, I was actually feeling all kinds of crazy.

Looking down at my daughter playing with toys on the floor and my baby sleeping in the pram, I wondered if she realised that these two midgets follow me around everywhere I go?

Like. Everywhere.

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My Top 6 Hacks to Create a Business That Runs Without You So You Can Do Whatever You Want

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The other week (or a while ago depending on when you read this blog) I went down to the shopping mall to buy a book.

I saw on Instagram that Jack Delosa was reading Principles by Ray Dalio, and I had one of those ‘I have to have it right now even though I could buy it online and save $15’ type moments.

When I walked past Flight Centre, I was pulled in for some reason, sort of on autopilot, I walked out an hour later with a trip for my daughter and I to Vietnam and Cambodia, departing in approx 20 hours. The Flight Centre dude said he had never had anyone reply with ‘tomorrow’ when he had asked them when they wanted to leave. I was able to do this because I run my own business.

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4 Simple Tips To Consider When Starting Your Online Business

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As 2017 rolls into 2018 take a moment to rewind back to January and remember what intentions you had for this year…

Was it to quit your job and start an online business? Was it to find your passion? Was it to find more freedom in your life? Was it to really start living, instead of just being? Was it to be more present and spend more time with your children?

So, I have a serious question for you.

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