The Most Important Element Your Online Directory Needs To Be Successful

I’ve had my head stuck in Business Jump 24-7 for so long now that it wasn’t until a thread in Remarkables FB group yesterday that I thought back to when I had the directory for Mum CFOs.

This Remarkables thread had gained quite a bit of traction while I was offline (and none the wiser), so it wasn’t until someone tagged me in it that I read the comments with interest. It was fairly balanced but there was one comment that I found a little bit funny.

It was, ‘No-one would pay to be listed in an online directory.’


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How To Create a Business with Consistent Recurring Income

Last week I had to pick my son up from daycare at 5.55pm.

You might be thinking, so what?

Well the thing is, I usually pick him up straight after I pick my daughter up from school around 3.30pm, so 5.55pm was a trip down memory lane for me.

It’s winter here at the moment and at 5.55pm it is cold, dark and raining. I have a bit of a thing about getting out of the car when it is raining, it annoys me.

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Things That Happen When You Cheat

When I was in year 8, before I sat an English test, I wrote the answers down on my hand.

I don’t know why.

Probably because I thought I wasn’t smart enough to pass.

To be honest, I was a bit of a rebel in my teenage days. I went on to get suspended a few months later for smoking in the sick bay (yes, seriously) and as a result my parents sent me to another school which I then got expelled from.

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