How I Almost Lost $15,000 & Why It Would Have Been Ok.

By October 11, 2017Blogs

For a while now I have been looking at finding a coach or mentor.

It is scary shit when you are taking a large gamble on someone.

And, what happened to me goes to show that sometimes you can just never be sure.

There is a very, very well known entrepreneur that I was looking at signing up with.

They paint a very pretty picture online about who they are, what they have created and the success of their mid-range multiple six-figure (per month) online business.

I took a week to consider whether I was prepared to pay their $15k price tag.

And, when I asked some final questions I was met with a reply that said ‘Nat, make a decision. I can’t work with you if you’re gonna yo-yo, take fuckin action and decide either way!’

Yes, it is for real, I have it in messenger and for the record.

Here is the thing.

I am not an OCD person, nor am I needy, so my decision-making process with this person was not demanding. I’ve worked with those people before, I know this as a fact because I have ten years of business experience in offering a service to people to compare myself to.

The funny thing is, even though everything was looking pretty on paper.

In hindsight, I could hear my gut warning me.

This reply they gave me, was the BEST thing that could have ever happened.

Instantly I withdrew my interest, as you would right?!

We don’t need to talk to people like shit… Like ever.

Look, the truth is, sometimes you never know if you are making the right decision when it comes to engaging with people online.

You can do all the research, all the stalking, all the OCD’ing, but what I really believe it comes down to is your gut and knowing that whatever happens, good or bad is designed to teach you.

To get you to where you want to go, there are no wrong choices.

It is all how you decide to frame it in your mind.

Even if I had of signed up, I still believe there would have been an extremely valuable lesson for me within the process, even if I realised this person was a dick after I dropped the $15k.

We don’t always get what we want the way we think it will come.

Sometimes it is cloaked in feelings of loss, overwhelm confusion, pain and stress.

The key in my case would have been looking for the needle in the haystack and leveraging the crap out of it to get my investment to pay off.

However, in saying that, be guided by your intuition.

Mine was telling me all along, don’t go there.

Learn to be in tune with it.

At first, it is hard to hear because of all the noise.

But, as you learn to become still within your mind, you’ll start to hear it.

You’ll feel it.

It has been speaking to you all along FYI.

Sometimes it may not make sense.

We usually think we know better.

But the universe knows your long-term game and designing a path to get you there.

So, for me, I found someone else, who turned out to the best choice for me.

Already the advice, insights and learnings I have gained from two weeks in have set me up to make an ROI multiple times over and over again. I can see it. 

Knowing that I have a huge game player who has built a multi-million dollar empire guiding and advising me every day, helping me make decisions, having me under his wing and whom I can learn from is worth every penny.

We pay for a website, we pay for logos, we pay for social media planners, we pay for advertising, we pay for lots of things to do with our business but most do not pay to uplevel or upskill, or to be in the company of people who are ten steps ahead of us.

Don’t you think that is a bit ridic?

Yes, you can get there by DIYing.

I did, but overall, it took me ten years since I registered my first business with the dream of making it one day.

And what I know for sure, know with hindsight, is if I had of invested in learning from someone who was ahead of me, I would have got to where I am a hell of a lot faster.

So, cut to the chase and invest in yourself.

Take risks.

Believe that you are exactly where you are meant to me.

Know in your heart that life happens for you, not to you.