Consider me your new BFF.

Your biggest supporter

So, let’s get real.

Because here is the thing...

I don’t do business any other way.

This is not going to be a blurb about how awesome I am or my super impressive qualifications that I have inflated to only try and impress you like 99% of other about pages out there.

My fulfillment comes from seeing you create a successful business that answers your why, and in order to make that happen I need to be 100% real and authentic about every single piece to the puzzle.

I’ll just give you the low-down about who I am and what I stand for and if we still like each other at the end, then awesome sauce.


The Beginning

In 2006 I registered my first ABN with high hopes and big dreams of becoming a millionaire in a matter of weeks after I launched my online classifieds website. I was 23 and none the wiser.

I thought the hard work was over once I had created this amazing online business.

Little did I know...

The truck load of millions did not come.

So, I built an online directory. I was sure this one was going to work. I waited for the sales to come.

They didn’t.

I tried again, and built an affiliate based website.

This time it was going to happen.

It didn’t.

Failure wasn’t as bad as what I anticipated.

In my mind I had pictured it to be a lot worse.

It is never as bad IRL then what it is in our minds.

Little did I know at the time, I was so damn close.

I had all the pieces to the puzzle I just didn’t put them together in the right order.

God dammit. Hindsight.

The Journey

I ultized my Visual Communications Diploma and went back to work as a graphic and website designer in some of Sydney’s leading agencies until my daughter came along in 2009.

On entering the workforce after maternity as a first time mum, I was conflicted.

How the hell do I please two demanding people at once?

My boss, who wanted me at work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and the daycare would call me to come and pick my 18 month old up because she was sick and spreading her germs to the other kids.


After making myself sick with mum guilt and doing the best I could to wangle daycare drop offs, peak hour traffic, working for someone else, being a wife, dinners, bathtime, bed, step and repeat, groundhog day.

My boss pulled me into a small meeting room and fired me. With no warnings, no conversation, no reason, no nothing.

On the way home, I ugly cried. I was unfulfilled. I felt there was something more, that I was missing out, that life was for living and that I had simply just been existing.

Instead of finding another job, I decided to take control of my future, my income and how I would spend my days. It was time to take what I had learned from my previous business experiences and try again.


The fear crept in.

We were on a single low income that barely covered us each week.

All the overwhelm and doubts.

The monkey chatter rattled my confidence.

What will people think?

Can I really earn any money this time round?

What if I am not good enough?

What if I fail?


I went outside, took a deep breath and reminded myself who I was, and where I wanted to go.

At the time, I wondered what if this all meant something?

Turns out it did mean something.

It was a realignment.

Life was giving me a gift.

It taught me about being brave, chasing my dreams, surrendering to the situation, standing in my power, finding my way when I couldn’t yet see the way.

For the next year I worked my arse off and WAHM’ed all types of wrong. I worked until 2am in the morning, I worked off my phone at the park (yes, I am that park mum on her phone) I worked on my laptop while my daughter was in the bath, eating dinner, in bed, everywhere.

Finally, I got to a point where I matched my full-time salary with my design freelance work and my organic cotton online baby business was successful on paper.

Running these two businesses taught me a wealth of experience.

I had learned how to leverage off social media, how to create relationships and bonds, how to collaborate, how to find and source suppliers, how to design products, how to negotiate, how to write and connect with my words, how to implement several different income streams, how to deliver work within client expectations, how to protect myself legally, how to troubleshoot and manage people on the interwebz.

But, there was something missing.

Life's Important Lesson

My time and energy had capped out.

There was no more time in the day to scale my business.

I’d maxed it all out and I didn’t have anything left over for my family.

The mental load I was carrying compounded.

I continued on, pregnant again and slowly burning myself into the ground whilst running these two businesses.

My second came along and that was the end of me.

PND took over.

Turned everything black.

When my son was two, he started to sleep through the night and instead of working on my business first, I worked on myself first.

I fought like hell to climb out of a life that I felt was worthless.

Self-care, mindfulness, Zoloft, and exercise put me back together.

I felt joy again. I felt love again. I felt awake.

No longer was I willing to jeopardise my sanity, well-being or sleep in order to run a business.

Life had taught me an important lesson.

I learned about mindset, how to work less and earn more, how to tell my story to inspire others, how to relate and connect with people, how to use pain to my advantage, how to see the bigger picture, how to fight for love and harmony.

I saw first hand that the most amazing opportunities of our lives do not come wrapped up in a red bow, they usually come from uncomfortableness and pain. So often we try to run away from that pain, but if we stare at it in the face, that’s where the magic is.

Business Jump was Born

Taking what I had learned I repackaged myself again.

I spent a good year being obsessed with educating myself. I watched Youtube videos, I listened to Podcasts, I read books, I absorbed all the information I could to recalibate the way I worked.

I learned how to sell one to many instead of one to one, I learned how to save time (automation) and also how to make more time in my day (outsourcing) I learned about highly automated income streams, I put it all into practice and then sold my business.

I loved the process so much that it sparked the idea of helping other mums start their own online business.

But, I didn’t want to help them start any business.

I wanted to design a business for my clients that was going to leverage of my knowledge, that offered a combination of my life and business skills. about working smarter, not harder so they could create the life that they wanted to live, just like I had.

Business Jump was born.

The Magic Of Business

In under two years, I have served over 1000’s of Mums just like you in some way or another using what I have learned over the last decade and teaching them the same strategy that took Business Jump to a million dollars in revenue around the eighteenth month.

Business Jump taught me how to share my skills with others, how to manage a team, how to serve my clients on a higher level, it taught me the power of storytelling, how to be in the media, and how to be a leader.

Here is what I know for sure:

Your success does not entirely rely on some fancy SEO strategy, or how to grow a Facebook group to over 20,000 members or how to nail Instagram.

Sure, those things are important but there is a whole other yin, to the yang.

I share with my Business Jump family what the magic of business is.

There are a few key elements you need to get right, at the start.

That makes you stand out.

Cut through the noise of the online world.

So you always are ahead.

I’m actually doing it on this page right now.

Can you guess what it is?