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While the perks of running an online business often be romanticised, if your time and goals are not managed effectively, the dream can turn into a nightmare. Natasha Stewart is the strategic powerhouse and mother of four at the helm of Business Jump; an online business that provides a platform for other mothers to jumpstart their dreams of running a profitable business from home, without succumbing to some of the common pitfalls.

Stewart regularly bares all with her tribe of a collective forty thousand mothers and business owners, sharing stories of not just her learnings in business but the real and raw events that shaped who she is today, such as an unlawful firing, postnatal depression, two miscarriages, a twin pregnancy and weaves within it how she mindfully fell down and put herself back together throughout it all. Most recently, with the birth of her twins, Stewart continues to generously document her rich and colourful life for the benefit of her Business Jump and Remarkable Business Mums community.

Stewart has mastered the art of finding flow in the chaos and has begun to welcome life’s curveballs with open arms. Transforming moments of adversity into valuable insight, Stewart encourages mothers and business owners alike to cut their teeth on trying circumstances and mine them for the rich insight they contain. It is these very personal experiences that Stewart believes can pave the way to business ideas and that overcoming and mastering adversity is the diamond in the rough to wrap a business around for the ultimate fulfilment and living within purpose.

Stewart’s path to million-dollar business revenue wasn’t a linear one. Her need for flexibility as a new mother resulted in a disappointing and unlawful firing shortly after returning to the workforce. Fortunately, she was able to fall back on her first online business as her primary revenue generator and also quickly composed a new business in web and graphic design.

The birth of her second child and the relentless sleep deprivation resulted in a severe bout of postnatal depression. Despite the challenges and heartache of motherhood Stewart built a thriving business promising to herself she wasn’t going to waste any more time being unhappy.

She now uses the same model and intel to help her clients get started. Outsource the parts where you’re not in flow, automate wherever you can and work on the parts that light you up. Through this model and her free communities Stewart has helped thousands of women to launch and scale their businesses in some way or another.

Six years later, as her business cruised into ‘flow’ state, Stewart fell pregnant again. Tragically, the ultrasound at 9 weeks detected the absence of a heart-beat. Stewart was subjected to an emotionally jarring journey of heartbreak that shone a light on shadows of her past that needed examining.

After diligent soul searching, a new journey began, marked by falling pregnant again with no less than triplets which indicated to her that the self-learning journey was entering into a new phase.

To overcome this Stewart had to dig deep, this pregnancy held up a mirror to all her fears and brought them to the surface – raw and weeping. Stewart had to go back before she could move forward and make peace with the mental clutter accumulated over her lifetime that had been preventing her progress.

Despite the pregnancy taking a heavy toll on her body, and losing a triplet at 8 weeks, she was determined to equip herself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thankfully, the other two souls were destined to make it earth-side. When she gave birth to twins, she was prepared.The twins birth forced Stewart to hold herself accountable to the ethos of working smarter, not harder. She continues to reject the mistakenly yet commonly extolled 24/7 hustle that precipitates burn-out.

Automating systems and having a reliable team yielded a business that sustained her life, not the other way around. Continuing to work on her business during pregnancy allowed her to rediscover her resilience. Beyond adversity was a new, more robust, version of herself that didn’t abide by the trappings of fear or self-doubt. All of the lessons she needed for business, she found in her life.

Leading by example and drawing upon her experience, expertise and insights, Stewart’s Business Jump has been described as a ‘business BFF,’ encouraging mums to take a leap into actualising business ideas and turning them into lucrative income streams whilst at the same time, endeavouring on a personal growth journey. She demonstrated how you could spend more time with your children without sacrificing career fulfilment and how anything can be turned upside down to see the value in the experience – good or bad.

Armed with a work smarter not harder philosophy her service offers invaluable support and behind the scenes knowledge and expertise from people who have been there done that and can lead from example to help her clients set themselves apart from the milieu of start-ups and entrepreneurs out there today.

Since launching four years ago, Business Jump has far exceeded expectations and Stewart is shocked with just what she found herself capable of, Stewart scaled to $1 million within the first two years and since then has maintained sustainability and growth in an ever-changing landscape whilst living her life, her way.Stewart emphasises the importance of personal and professional growth in tandem. Her mindfulness practices are the underpinnings of a powerful business. She knows that time spent filling your own cup allows you to respond with compassion, empathy, and perspective to the difficult situations that arise within your business.Having a solid personal foundation and each day taking a moment to undo all the identities, fears and judgements she carries and consciously restoring self-worth and confidence allows Stewart to maintain equilibrium, to dream beyond her comfort zone, and she is committed to sharing the joy of this with the WAHM tribe who would like to join her for the ride.

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