Celebrating Women in Business and Their Success

Women in Business

We love nothing more at Business Jump than celebrating business success + I hope that by now you know that myself and the Business Jump team are all about inspiring your path to entrepreneurial freedom & abundance.

With that in mind we’d like to finally introduce you to a new and exciting monthly mastermind series; Female Founders Reveal.

Every month we will take a topic and ask some of planet earth’s (YUP WE ARE GOING GLOBAL) most inspiring and driven business owners to give their most powerful advice and inspiration on a topic of business which can help us all to reach higher heights.

There is nothing quite like getting a group of smart & driven people in one place for extra learning (reader, you are included in that), think of this like a blog mastermind series delivered straight to you totally free. Get inside the minds and hearts of some of the most successful female founders and in the process explore your own path and contribute your own thoughts + experiences.

We are launching this series with a special twist for the first month. We are delving into the hearts of Australia’s Top Female Founders with this first in the series;

Female Founders Reveal; Their Proudest Moment In Business [Aussie Special]

We don’t just want you to read through these moments. As you read through them, also connect to your why. Connect to your passion for your business and use these moments as a sounding board. We want you to connect with the proudest moments you’ve experienced on this journey so far – because these moments are what is going to fuel your motivation, desire and passion to elevate your business even higher, or to start turning your vision into a reality.

We would love you to share your proudest moments in the comments at the end of this post. This is a mastermind series so collaboration is key to getting the most out of it… let’s share, learn and grow together female founders!

Shall we dive in? Yep, I think it’s about time too.

1. Kate founder of Thankly who sends handwritten cards and thank you gifts overnight Australia wide – people can send a thankly in 3 minutes from their phone or the computer.

“My proudest moment? When I first saw companies like Twitter and ANZ order from Thankly. That all happened in literally a month – and I had really worked so hard for 10 months to create something great. I had poured every cent I had into my business (including remortgaging my house) and about a month after launching we were featured in Startup Daily (and others) and had my first orders from big reputable startups and corporates (such as ANZ, Twitter and the like). It was the moment that I realised I could do this – and had an idea that other people also loved. I just had to keep going.”

2. Gemma Lloyd female entrepreneur + co-founder of Diverse City Careers Australia’s only job platform which pre-screens companies based on their commitment to support women’s careers.

“Our proudest moment was when the first company we rejected increased their maternity leave policy to 8 weeks paid parental leave to be able to advertise on the DCC site. It proved that we’re driving real change for women in the workplace.”

3. Clare founder of Top Five Movement over 100 tools for busting your excuses and living a happier life.

“My proudest moment so far was when a customer told me that she bought our happiness tool for her father who was living out his last days with pancreatic cancer so her parents could connect over their happiest memories during his last days. “

4. Tiffany Benn female entrepreneur + founder of HART : LDN Home Decor an online marketplace specialising in Australian designed products.

“My proudest business moment was when a small designer told me that she’d not been in profit for 3 years – then started working with me and her business has turned around and is now profitable.”

5. Hiam & Monika founders of Think Change Grow, a people and culture consulting agency founded by Google Alumni in 2016.

“Our proudest moment in this business was the final evening of our first round of The Greater Collective, our leadership program with a twist. It was beautiful to watch these future leaders put so much heart and soul into this program not just for themselves but for the NFP we were supporting. We saw lifelong friendships forged, we saw individuals meet personal goals, we saw an incredible NFP find a new path around a previously unsolved challenge.”

6. Jane founder of WunderTraining a leader in Positive Psychology and wellbeing workshops nationally.

“We received three emails in one morning from participants who attended ‘Live Life Forward : happiness and wellbeing’. One had been smoke free for fifty five days and was going to the gym four times a week and had never felt better in his life, one had repaired a highly dysfunctional relationship with his son through putting in 100% and the last had a career revelation about her true path after realigning with her strengths. The hat trick of Health, Relationship and Career … life changing stuff from a two hour workshop. My heart was singing.”

7.  Elyse Daniels founder of Exoduswear

“Our proudest moment was getting Justin Beiber to wear one of our jackets without having to pay a cent. I actually made a short video about how we did it”

8. Ann founder of Independentink

“Next month I am launching my first book, The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing. My proudest moment to date was the arrival of the box of review copies from the printer. I sent a copy to Andrew Griffiths, author and entrepreneur and received not only wonderful feedback but he has contributed the foreword to my book. Happy Days”

Now it’s your turn. Has this post sparked any reflections from you? What is your proudest moment in business so far?

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